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The signature minimalist design of MICROOFFICE PRIME, along with a solid roof and both glass and solid walls, provides functional acoustics that will completely separate you from office noise. You’ll be able to preserve a quiet connection with colleagues, all while maintaining a pristine sonic detachment from your surroundings.

  • 1Single Person Booth
  • 2Superior Acoustic properties


  • Exterior dimensions: 1175 x 995 x 2285 mm
  • Glass walls: Sound-insulating glass
  • Solid walls: Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
  • Timber trim: Solid oak/black varnish
  • Speech level reduction 31dB
  • Motion activated light and air circulation
  • Air circulation 102m3/hour
  • Power: 10A lead and 3 pin plug to standard GPO

Lead Time

12 Weeks



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