Pods & Booths


MICROOFFICE UNIQ is the clear choice for combining true silence with active teamwork. The unparalleled design enables you to focus on crucial tasks right at the heart of the action. This dynamic workstation blends naturally into the surrounding environment, improving acoustics wherever it’s placed.

  • 1Single Person Booth
  • 2Superior Acoustic properties


  • Exterior dimensions: 1175 x 1005 x 2285 mm
  • Glass walls: Sound-insulating glass
  • Solid walls: Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
  • Timber trim: Solid oak/black varnish
  • Speech level reduction 35dB
  • Motion activated light and air circulation
  • Air circulation 124m3/hour
  • Power: 10A lead and 3 pin plug to standard GPO

Lead Time

12 Weeks



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