Dividing Screens

Aspen’s unique dividing screens are a creative way to create work zones without closing off the available space. Create a semi-open partition, these dividing screens allow facilitate focused work away from the hub of the office without minimising a sense of spaciousness within the office. These versatile veneer columns create a sophisticated signature space where privacy is achieved without “closing in” the available space.

Ideal for receptions, waiting areas, public places, open offices, kitchenettes and informal meeting areas; dividing screen columns redefine your space possibilities! These versatile screens are of superior quality with sleek clean lines and give a successful edge to every dynamic and modern area. From timber dowels to columns, angular shapes and curved panels, this piece of architectural joinery has functional, acoustic and aesthetic benefits.

Choose from a range of timber, timber veneer, polyurethane, and laminate finishes to create a screen ideal for the project space. Using a range of modern manufacturing methods and sophisticated machinery, our craftsman have the experience and skill to create a custom screen to suit any space. Designs are not limited to full height floor to ceiling screens either. Timber dowels were cut to precise lengths and inserted into precise size holes around the curved banquette in the Domain Sydney project to create a unique visual screen feature, central in the office.

Dividing screens are the smart solution to blend your contemporary needs with an innovative design to maximise functionality anywhere.

Lead Time

4 - 6 Weeks



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