Custom Joinery

Custom joinery has become a key component of successful fitouts. Custom joinery provides a custom solution to meet the needs of the people working within the space. As interior designs become more evidence based, custom joinery is key to ensure the space portrays the companies brand, culture and working requirements.

Aspen specialise in the manufacture of superior quality architectural joinery and furniture. We take the architecturally designed shop drawings with the specified project finishes and turn the detailed joinery plans into a fine quality reality. With a profound understanding of best construction methods and high level of quality control, we often bring fresh knowledge, ideas and suggestions to the planning table, to ensure the custom designed joinery items not only look aesthetically great, they are also functional, strong and well made.


We love revealing the hidden details, fine crafting and unique materials that make a project great. New office fit-outs and refurbishments are an investment into staff, an investment into future productivity and and investment into longevity. Quality is key. Construction is key. Together quality craftsmanship and fine materials take the space from good to great.

We have been crafting detailed architectural joinery for over 25 years and have experience with a vast range of materials and a wealth of joinery construction methods. We have custom made a vast amount of custom joinery pieces including joinery feature pieces, timber dividing screens, wall cladding, storage, display shelving, reception desks, banquette seating, kitchens, utilities,  architectural furniture and solid surface structures to name a few.


Timber, laminate, melamine, veneer, glass, metal, brass, aluminium, solid surface, stone, mirror, mesh, fabric, leather, vinyl, pin-board, whiteboard and concrete are just some of the finishes we have worked with when manufacturing custom joinery.

Contact us to discuss how we can bring your custom joinery requirements to a superior quality manufacture piece.

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