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Aspen Commercial Interiors was established in 1989 with a mission to manufacture premium quality commercial furniture. With two manufacturing facilities hosting sophisticated machinery and recent technology, we are well equipped to supply you with quality commercial furniture. From a single coffee table to a fully integrated fit out over a number of floors Aspen have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

BHX Drilling Machine Aspen

BHX Drilling Machine

The BHX Drilling Machine is the smart programmable machine for drilling, routering and grooving.

Aspen's HOLMZA horizontal panel saw


Aspen’s HOLMZA horizontal panel saw is a sophisticated board saw used for cutting panels.

Aspen Board Storage

Board Storage

Board storage of our standard colours and materials for quicker production time and reduced lead times.

Aspen Edgers


A sophisticated piece of machinery used to apply edging to MDF panels. This semi-automated machine creates a smooth even and quality application of edging to your furniture.

Aspen Router


Driven by CAD drawings converted to a computerised process, our routers are a semi-automated and sophisticated piece of machinery that improved accuracy, clarity and defined machining of various shapes, drill holes, carving and scribbing, opening the door to more extensive options of finishes and designs.

Aspen Solar Counters

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