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The signature minimalist design of MICROOFFICE SPARK, along with a solid roof and both glass and solid walls, provides functional acoustics that will completely separate you from office noise. You’ll be able to preserve a quiet connection with colleagues, all while maintaining a pristine sonic detachment from your surroundings. You can place it in any noisy production or logistics area. It offers the user resistant elements that ensure maximum attenuation of ambient sounds, combined with an interesting design and easy-to-maintain exterior.

  • 1Single Person Booth
  • 2Superior Acoustic properties


  • Exterior dimensions: 1100 x 930 x 2226 mm
  • Glass walls: Sound-insulating glass
  • Solid walls: Sound-absorbing sandwich panel with acoustic insulation
  • Timber trim: Solid oak/black varnish
  • Speech level reduction 32dB
  • Motion activated light and air circulation
  • Air circulation 120m3/hour
  • Power: 10A lead and 3 pin plug to standard GPO

Lead Time

12 Weeks



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