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Bling Booth

Bling provides stylish privacy without losing contact with the surrounds. Quiet spaces have become rare in our busy corporate life and the Bling Booth is ideal for bringing back a personal private space for high focused activities or a place to relax. Bling can be used as a stand-alone element in any open space or combined with multiple Booths to create functional meeting areas, study spaces or high focus quiet areas. A cushioned sloped backrest and tall sides creates a serene oasis of calm, perfect for finding your own niche, or consider placing two Bling Booth chairs facing each other, with a small meeting table in between, for an informal style meeting or conversation.

  • 1Standalone or combine for a pop-up booth
  • 2Tall sides for privacy and sound absorbtion


  • Ideal ABW booth
  • Modern booth design
  • Acoustic style seating
  • Ideal for team meetings or quiet work
  • Sloped back rest
  • Metal frame base
  • Single or 2 seater high back booth
  • Custom upholstery fabrics
  • Australian Made
  • 5 Year Warranty

Lead Time

4 - 6 Weeks




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