Hubert has no limits. Chairs with raised seating keep your back straight and you mind sharp. They set you no barriers. Jumping up to throw yourself into discussion is quick and easy. You can sit on them facing any direction you like, while the rocking version will bring versatility to your everyday work and add a sense of dynamism to the space you’re in.

  • 1Choose from 2 height options and 2 base options
  • 2Large range of fabric finishes


  • Frame: plywood
  • Upholstery: durable and fireproof HR-foam
  • Legs: rocking base; material: oak
    360° rocking base; material: plastic POM, black
  • Additional Info: the cover fabric is not removable; wide range of cover materials available, including flame-retardant textiles

Lead Time

12 week standard lead time



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