Spektrum 50 Workstation Screens

Aspen’s Spektrum 50 screen is a breakthrough design in office partitioning systems.  A superior amalgamation of all the best and most serviceable screen features; Spektrum 50 is designed to make the most of your workplace. This sophisticated screen system features a robust frame, quality steel components, fully customisable configurations, multi-use accessory rail, multiple power options and acoustic benefits. Spektrum 50’s unique technical advantage of tool less assembly means it can be easily rearranged and reconfigured to suit your changing requirements. This versatile system is also suited to height adjustable workstations and has multiple ducting options so you can bring power from the wall, floor and ceiling and cater for every individual’s needs.

Spektrum 50 is a comprehensive system, thoughtfully designed to incorporate a wealth of functional features ensuring there is no restriction in style. Choose from a wide selection of options including mid rails for desk support, multiple ducting styles, a system rail for accessory storage and height adjustable compatible options to ensure every screen blends seamlessly into your dynamic workplace environment.

Spektrum 50 us designed to make the most of your workplace. The options are endless with fully customisable components and sizes. With the unique technical advantage of tool-less assembly, Spektrum 50 can be easily re-arranged and reconfigured to suit your requirements.

Stay connected whilst keeping your workspace aesthetic, uncluttered and hazard free. Spektrum 50 takes the angst out of cable management with fully concealed cable management ducting and channels. Multiple ducting options allow you to bring power from the wall, floor and ceiling; feeding cables through sturdy aluminium ducts within the screen to individual work zones.

Pair Spektrum 50 screen system with Spektrum Balance Workstations, for an aesthetic and function corporate office or open plan workstation setting that is both striking and provides acoustic and privacy benefits.


  • Privacy
  • Acoustic management
  • Create quiet-space
  • Durable aluminium components
  • Desk mount
  • Floor based
  • Air gap
  • Full height
  • Slide on accessories
  • “Tool-less” assembly for easy reconfiguration
  • Patent pending top duct for cable management
  • Unique V channel for cable management and protection
  • Soft duct power and data for flexible customisation and greater cost effective solutions
  • Quality aluminium components
  • Top rail for accessory storage
  • Mid duct, base duct and duct lid for cable management and protection
  • Custom configuration for any space
  • Patent pending 2014200549

Lead Time

4 - 6 Weeks



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