Aspen 4 Key Features of Collaboration Tables (1)

4 Key Features of Collaboration Tables

These 4 key features of collaboration tables will boost team work and collaboration. A little planning and thought when designing is all that is needed to turn a collaboration table into a functional place that facilitates team work. These 4 key elements ensure team work, communication...

Guide to Specifying Soft Seating Booth Seating Banquette Seating

Your Guide to Choosing & Specifying the Ideal Seating

The process of choosing the ideal seating for your project just got really simple. Striking the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetic and comfort is a challenge and can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. All you need is an open mind...


3 Bonuses of Spektrum Groove in Dynamic Spaces

Spektrum Groove is a modern and multi-functional workstation system which is ideal for open plan and dynamic work spaces. A modern workstation design, Spektrum Groove boasts consistency for your office space, streamlined integration, technical benefits, inbuilt power and data and striking aesthetic as a bonus to...


Making Your Life Simpler with Spektrum 50

Aspen’s Spektrum 50 screen system is a breakthrough design in office partitioning systems.  A superior amalgamation of all the best and most serviceable screen features; Spektrum 50 is designed to make the most of your workplace. This sophisticated screen system features a robust frame, quality...


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