3 Bonuses of Spektrum Groove in Dynamic Spaces


Spektrum Groove is a modern and multi-functional workstation system which is ideal for open plan and dynamic work spaces.

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A modern workstation design, Spektrum Groove boasts consistency for your office space, streamlined integration, technical benefits, inbuilt power and data and striking aesthetic as a bonus to it all.


Spektrum Groove is a contemporary, versatile and stylish workstation system. with an elegant leg frame and adaptive multipurpose beam structure, Spektrum Groove creates a sleek and professional atmosphere with a touch of vibrancy. Designed with adaptability in mind, Groove features high quality, interchangeable components and functional power and data management, making it the ideal workstation for dynamic open planned workplaces that demand flexibility.


Is your office ready to embrace change? Spektrum Groove is user friendly and can be easily reconfigured to suit your ever changing needs. A defined range of interchangeable components including worktops, modesty panels, storage and screens make it easy to reconfigure your work-space. A multiplicity of configurations means Groove flexibly facilitates collaborative work, informal meetings and focused individual desks for a satisfactory solution every time.


Stay connected whilst keeping your work place uncluttered and hazard free. Spektrum Groove features a smart and adaptable cable management beam with easily accessible power and data solutions. Whether you wish to keep your power and data discrete with unobtrusive in-desk flip box or as a statement with our USB charger and GPO – there’s a simple solution to match your style.

Read more to find out how each of these unique features will personally benefit your office space and the way you work.

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