Veneer Receptions


Veneer reception desks and counters are an elegant way to welcome guests to your commercial space.

The warmth and depth of natural timber veneer lends itself create an aesthetic of prestige and elegance to any reception desk. The delicate characteristics of timber veneer offer a welcoming visual. With no two veneers being alike, a range of unique natural characteristics are available meaning you can create a truly individual and striking veneer reception.

Aspen’s commitment to manufacturing custom solutions for your space means you can create a truly unique and beautiful veneer reception desk which portrays the values of your company, suits the size of the space and creates a striking visual welcome for all visitors.

Whether you choose a classic straight fronted workstation profile or create a statement piece with angles and cutouts, our manufacturing expertise allows you to build a masterpiece.

Pair with veneer wall panelling to tie in furniture and surrounds within the space. Read more about the natural features of veneer in our Veneer Catalogue.

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  • Timber veneer
  • Durable substrate
  • Large colour palette
  • Multiple veneer matching techniques for unique patterns
Lead Time

4 – 6 Weeks

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