Work Pod Collaboration Seating

Circular Lounge

Circular lounge seating creates it’s own environment where creativity and team work are fostered. These collaboration pods are not only an aesthetic bonus in a workplace or education setting, they also attract teams, encourage team work and create an acoustic environment.

Employees need to be able to focus on the task at hand. Office and education spaces need to accommodate the natural way teams gravitate together, providing hubs and niches which block out distraction.

There are psychological benefits of circular lounge arrangements and work pods. The physical arrangement of a circle helps to break down hierarchies, encourage equality, capitalize on the resource of the whole team, increase interaction and encourage participation. The physical layout of circular seating is an environmental cue encouraging inclusiveness and  drawing all members of a team into the focused team work at hand.

Study pods and circular seating is space efficient while creating semi-closed in space to shut out distractions and offer acoustic benefits.

Aspen’s circular seating is available in a vast range of customised options, an individual solution for each unique situation. Choose from a vast range of materials including laminate, timer veneer, solid timber and dowels paired with upholstery in fabric, leather, vinyl and Crypton. The options are limitless, it’s up to your imagination!

Collaboration pods can also be created from our standard banquette seating range. Select from a range of profiles, select a custom size and materials for your own unique work pod. These include Acquaint, Convey, Linger, Mingle, Muse, Reflect, Relate or custom profiles.

Circular seating configurations can also be created using our curved modular lounge ranges including Segments and Swing.

  • 1Custom made circular seating
  • 2Vast range of materials
  • 3Banquette style seating
  • 4Modular lounge style seating


Custom made circular seating

Collaboration pods, seating pods

Custom upholstery

Custom dimensions

Vast range of materials – laminate, solid timber, timber veneer, dowels, fabric, vinyl, leather

Banquette style seating

Modular lounge style seating

Curved upholstered panels


Lead Time

5 - 6 Weeks     



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