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Sometimes silence is necessary for focused work. CHATBOX is a modular silent room for 1 to 12 people. The smallest box caters for private phone calls and working alone, while the larger styles are suitable for team meetings. Distraction is kept to a minimum thanks to high level acoustic technology, while the modular structure allows your box to grow with your team – by adding
modules you can upgrade your box for as many people as you need.

  • 1Freestanding Acoustic Booth
  • 2Available in 4 sizes


  • Choose from Right or Left-handed door
  • Aluminium Profiles: Standard Colours 
  • Clear Glass up to Rw 40 dB 
  • Wall, Ceiling Finish: EchoFree acoustic panels, Standard Colours 
  • Floor Finish: Carpet, Standard Colours

Lead Time

12 Weeks



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