4 Key Features of Collaboration Tables

These 4 key features of collaboration tables will boost team work and collaboration. A little planning and thought when designing is all that is needed to turn a collaboration table into a functional place that facilitates team work. These 4 key elements ensure team work, communication and collaboration are effective. Ensure there is room to move, accessibility, resources at hand and adding an aesthetic touch.

key features of a collaboration table for office furniture

As workplace styles and team work have changed. The key features of great collaboration tables have changed too.

Effective team work and meaningful meetings require room to move and spread out as a team. Depending on the nature of the space, this should include a number of thing. Space to walk around, flat surfaces for laptops and paperwork and shared space for people to view ideas together.

Accessibility is key to ensure the space naturally attracts teams to work together, communicate effectively and continue to hold valuable meetings.

For tasks to be carried out effectively, it is important to have the right resources at hand. These resources may be different for each co-working space, from power and data, VC screens and whiteboards, to storage, brochures and charging points.

An aesthetic environment inspires and motivates creative thinking and the desire to work well. These aesthetic features can also be functional, such as planter boxes to create a semi-private screen, feature lighting to ensure the space is adequately lit and cushions for added comfort in longer sessions of teamwork.


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