6 Design Must-Haves to Attract & Retain Top Talent

Business are competing to attract top talent and it is predicted highly skilled staff will get harder to find. Image your value to a client if you could help them attract and retain their brightest most devoted staff.

The fact is you can! The secret to attract top talent and retain top talent lies in a highly successful workplace design. Read on to find out how…

Is your client looking for the best, motivated employees? How does your role come into it? Office workplace is now a highly influencing priority for job seekers. In competition with salary and location, office facility and benefits are ranked highly important for individuals. The benefits spread further than the individual, empowering a higher level of motivation and improved attitude with employees.

Take this into consideration when designing an office space for your next client; the workplace design should facilitate the organisations workplace culture and create a motivational and inspirational place to work, helping the company produce and retain empowered, inspired employees. The modern office is a place that generates creativity, great ideas and employee devotion.

The ability to facilitate various working styles is key, while the fitout should offer the ultimate blend of technology, the comfort of home, vibe of a café and liveliness of a playground. Extra facilities like access to the outdoors, a variety of work areas and incorporation of fitness into the workplace are key attractors for staff.

Here’s the design checklist:

  • Up to date technology
  • Comforts of home
  • Vibe of a café
  • Fun of a playground
  • Reflects organisation’s culture
  • Variety of work areas

How these affect employee retention and help to attract top talent? Read on to see these key factors explained. Take this into consideration when designing an office space for your next client; th

Technology is one of the fastest changing factors affecting the modern workplace. Rapid technology advancements have re-shaped the way we work, allowing greater access to global resources, improved collaboration and taking work out on the road. These advancements have increased productivity and efficiency, enlarged collaboration, improved cost saving and security and expanded access to a global market. Providing up to date technology facilities for staff is key to ensuring they have access to the resources and technology they need to work effectively and efficiently.

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Staff are people, with feelings and a certain level of day-to-day need. Their comfort and satisfaction is key to ensuring the organisation is getting the most creativity, devotion and empowerment out of their people. When staff are comfortable and satisfied, they are empowered and committed and the results reaped outweigh the cost of provisions by far. These things are simple and include sufficient space to work, access to resources, breakout spaces like kitchenettes and booths, individual quiet space and team collaboration areas.

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Maybe not a literal café, though many large organisations have incorporated cafes and restaurants into their workplace. The vibe of a café style breakout space is definitely a key culture creator for the modern office. Having a breakout space with a relaxed and social atmosphere is key for staff to detach themselves from their work for a refreshing break. These areas hold a social buzz where team bonding and conversations are key for staff satisfaction.

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Incorporating some ‘fun’ into the office design is a powerful way to grow an organisation’s workplace culture and ensure employee satisfaction. Whether it be a competition board and rewards, a quirky design addition to the office, a mascot or game equipment, anything out of the ordinary is sure to please. Not every organisation has the space or need for a full scale gym, however, think table tennis, darts, a basketball hoop or boxing bag to bring a satisfactory buzz of fun to the workplace. The needs of each organisation will be different but the possibilities are endless, it’s up to your imagination!

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It is so key for the workplace design to reflect the organisation’s culture, this alone will attract top talent. If staff are working daily in an environment that speaks the company’s culture they are far more likely to take it on, live it, believe it, and ensure it grows. In essence the company culture is the company brand, so by bringing the company culture close through workspace design, the company brand is essentially being protected and displayed, right from the core outwards.

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A variety of work areas is important for facilitating a variety of working styles. The team in each organisation is a mix of individuals, each with a different work style. Combining a number or open plan areas, workstations, booths, seating, individual quiet chairs, breakout spaces and team collaboration areas is important to ensure each individual can find the right space to support the type of work on hand. Not only does this mix save space and cost, it is also boosts employee satisfaction and productivity, helping to retain key staff.

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