TFNSW Case Study

Formula Interiors, a commercial builder with over 60 years’ experience, was engaged by Transport for NSW (TFNSW) in 2019 to complete a refurbishment of their offices located in Paramatta’s iconic Octagon building. Specialising in creating diverse and functional...

Aspen Domain Office Project Architectural Joinery Furniture Collaboration Pod Seating

5 Ways Seating Pods Boost Workplace Collaboration

Creating a workplace with a humming culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing can be challenging. How can you attract a team together in the workplace? Once they're together how can you keep them together? What's more, how do you engage them to share ideas and participate? Research...


iCare Corian Joinery Wins Design Award

ICARE JOINERY WINS CORIAN DESIGN AWARD We are honored to be part of the team who brought Bradley Schott of dwp's vision and design to a beautiful, functional reality of fine craftsmanship in iCare Sydney's new offices. Aspen were involved in the manufacture of the architectural joinery that...

aspen meeting room collage

Design & Plan for Successful Guest Meetings

MEETING ROOM - CREATE FIRST IMPRESSIONS The visitor meeting room is an important space, as it is here that first impressions are quickly formed. This meeting space is made available for meetings with clients, suppliers, stakeholders and company advisers. Visitor meeting spaces are typically close to the main...

Aspen Corporate Interiors Fitout Project Knight Frank Melbourne Banquette Seating Custom Furniture

2017 Workplace Trends

2017 DESIGN TRENDS FOR THE EVOLVING WORKPLACE ‘TRENDS’ ARE GONE – IT’S ALL ABOUT EVIDENCE BASED DESIGN Design ‘trends’ as we’ve known them, are gone. 2017 Design Trends are breaking new ground. Trending colour schemes, the latest furniture, or stylish finishes no longer drive design. An aesthetic design has...

custom joinery domain planter wall architectural joinery

What Makes a Successful Office Fitout – Domain Project Review

There is so much more to a successful office design than meets the eye. It is a blend of good design, quality manufacturing, timely delivery and planning for people that makes a successful office fitout project. We love revealing the hidden details, fine crafting and unique materials...

Aspen Corporate Interiors Fitout Project Knight Frank Melbourne Banquette Seating Custom Furniture (2) custom joinery

Office Fitout Tips for the Modern Workplace

- What we learnt from the Knight Frank project - Each new office project we work on teaches us office fitout tips and helps us improve the way we work with you. When manufacturing custom items we learn about new materials, better ways to construct joinery or new...

Aspen 4 Key Features of Collaboration Tables (1)

4 Key Features of Collaboration Tables

These 4 key features of collaboration tables will boost team work and collaboration. A little planning and thought when designing is all that is needed to turn a collaboration table into a functional place that facilitates team work. These 4 key elements ensure team work, communication...

Guide to Specifying Soft Seating Booth Seating Banquette Seating

Your Guide to Choosing & Specifying the Ideal Seating

The process of choosing the ideal seating for your project just got really simple. Striking the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetic and comfort is a challenge and can be a little overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. All you need is an open mind...


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